Pro Energy Towel

The Pro Energy® Towel is used anywhere you need to wipe out fatigue, anytime you want an Instant Cooling and Invigorating feeling. It is loved by the professional athlete, the laborer, the weekend warrior, and all others who can’t afford fatigue impeding success at work or at play.

About the Towel

The Pro Energy® Towel is a full size prepackaged 15” X 12” single use towel with a patent pending formula. When gently inhaled oxygen rushes into respiratory system. When wiped on the skin it cools on contact and removes dirt, salt & grime. Instantly Wiping Out Fatigue™.

Towel History

David Garrow, a professional baseball player for the Minnesota Twins, training in Fort Myers, Florida found himself wiped out by the oppressive heat and humidity. [more]